henry's room - paint colour

Work has finally started on Henry's room! Yesterday, the electrician came by and installed a new fixture in the ceiling and all this week the drywaller will be busy putting up new walls, taping and painting. It's been awhile since we've had this kind of activity in our house! Of course, my first order of business is to decide on a paint colour for the room. Even as a designer who chooses paint colours for clients and art exhibits on a monthly basis I still find the process daunting. I often find clients ask us what colour they should paint their walls before they have decided on the overall look for the room. For many people, choosing a wall colour is the first step. Personally I like the fabrics or other elements in the room to dictate the colour. So before I started pulling paint colours yesterday I began by bringing together some of the items I have already purchased for the room.

For me, fabric is always the biggest pull and when I saw these indigo block-printed pillows and quilts I knew they would be the perfect compliment to Henry's sea-faring room. These fabrics along with the flags I have gathered have established the overall colour scheme for the room. The palette ranges through a continuum of blues from indigo to navy and is highlighted with touches of red, gold, black and off-white. Natural elements like the rope, baskets and weathered wood will also play a role. My inclination is to paint the walls a dark, rich blue but I have some concern about making the room too moody for a little boy.

I think I could tackle this problem two ways: I could paint only some of the walls the dark blue and leave the others off-white or I could leave all the walls off-white and paint the trim in the midnight navy colour like in the picture below.

If I wanted to get a bit more of the blue in there I could also paint the ceiling in the deep azure colour. I think it would off set the Noguchi lantern I've purchased beautifully. Finally, I came across this photo...

Maybe, I skip the dark blue all together and go for something soft and watery like this? Thoughts, comments?

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