henry's room - coming together

By this weekend, Henry's room will be pretty much finished. Of course, there will be small details I will want to work on but it will 80% there. He has in fact been sleeping in the room and his new bed since last Sunday night. I'm happy to say he is taken to his new room like a fish to water. The other day he was telling me about the street lights he discovered outside his bedroom window (fascinating stuff for a three year old boy!) and there is no end to his thrill with the dimmer switch on his new light. Here are a few instagram shots I took over the weekend of the room in progress.

This crate storage will be used to house Henry's books and other toys and curiosities. We nailed each of the crates to each other and then secured them to the wall. Speaking of the walls, you'll notice that this one was painted blue. You'll have to wait and see what I did with the remaining ones!

Here's a shot my Myles hanging the Noguchi lantern in the room. I have to hand it to him. Myles has hung every single light in our house! I absolutely love this light. When we dim it to read stories at night it takes on a soft yellow glow and illuminates the room like a big harvest moon.

As I told Henry, this is his new treasure box. He can fill it with whatever he likes. It's made all the more real by the heavy black (nonfunctioning) lock that keeps the lid closed. I found it at a vintage store in Toronto called Smash.


Finally, here are some of the linens I'm considering for his bed. The final choice will be made later today. I'm hoping to shoot the room this weekend and will reveal it on Monday morning. I can't wait to show it to you!