henry's room - and the winner is...

In the end, it came down to a very close decision between scheme number two and scheme number three for me. Reading through all your comments, it seems that these ones were your favorites as well. I'm happy to say that we are proceeding with moodboard number two -- the flotsam and jetsam, sea-faring inspired bedroom. This is the one Henry reacted to the best and it presents me with a bit more of a decorating challenge than number three.

I've found a few more inspirational images since I decided on this moodboard that are helping me hone in on my vision. But before we get to those I thought I should show you the room as it is right now. It's actually the one room in our house you have probably never seen before. In fact, I think only one image of it has ever been published and that was on the house tour we did for HGTV back in June 2010.

On the left hand side is an image of our office in its before state (you can see the after here) and on the right is what will soon be Henry's new room. Up until now it has functioned as a guest bedroom and general dumping ground for everything else we don't have room for. What you can't see in this photo is the fact that the old plaster walls are actually in pretty rough shape and that the room only has one small wall sconce and no overhead light. My first order of business is to re-plaster the walls and add an overhead light to the space. Then we can get to decorating. Here are a few more images that are inspiring me. The first few are from Sibella Court's new book Nomad.

I love the colour scheme in these first few images from the book with its combination of indigo blue, red, white and cream. I also love how she has incorporated elements like flags, textiles and found objects into these vignettes. In a similar vein, is the Montauk beach house of design duo Roman & Williams.

Again, it has a great assortment of found objects, many with a sea-worthy feel, and and eclectic adventurous spirit. In an interview with The New York Observer awhile back one of the partners said, "We like a certain kind of conflict within the design, where everything doesn't match perfectly and there's a bit if voltage between objects in the architecture...You know, everything is not sort of so serene."

Image credits:
1) Myles McCutcheon
2- 5) Chris Court
6-8) Don Freeman