henry's new room - inspiration

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, we are still a little ways off from starting Henry's new room but that doesn't mean I haven't been thinking about it. First off, I refuse to call this space, Henry's Big Boy Room. There's something about that phrase that really bothers me - it seems better suited to a circus or amusement park. Plus, my goal with this room is to give him something that will last beyond his toddler and elementary years. I'm hoping the design of this room will take him right into college! (Okay, that might be pushing it but you get where I'm going.) {Also, there is a small possibility that Henry will stay in his current room with a few tweaks and we will create a new nursery. It all depends on how the furniture fits and I haven't quite got to the space planning stage of this project yet}

Below are some images and ideas I've been thinking about.

I've been looking for some ways to add some interest to the walls of Henry's room. I'm particularly drawn to the idea of covering one or two walls in either horizontal or vertical wood cladding. This example with the built-in bench and bed is particularly charming and well suited to the architecture of the home.

And here is an example with what looks like rift cut white oak vertical panelling. You can see how easily this kid's room could grow with the child right into their college years.

One of the hardest things to find to date is a twin bedframe that I really like. I'm drawn to this solid wood timber bed frame by Mark Tuckey but wonder if it would be too much wood with the panelled wall.

A better solution (and more affordable) might just be an easy linen bedskirt. I would probably add an upholstered headboard, perhaps slipcovered, in the same fabric to the head of the bed and maybe even add a footboard.

One of the things we definitely need to address is the fact that there is no closet in the room. I think we could rig something up from Ikea to look like the photo on the left but I also like how multifunctional the chalkboard wall, storage bins, shelves, and hooks are on the right. Of course, there is the concern that Henry might end up at school everyday with chalk all over his clothes!

If my husband has his way we will also be adding a climbing wall to his room. I'm not so sure...

Finally, if by chance this new room actually becomes the nursery for our little girl I might go in the direction above. It's not typically my style but there is something about that green wallpaper, the simple red striped fabric and of course that fabulous retro yellow chandelier that I love. Again, I think it's a room a baby could grow into and would look good for years to come.

What do you think? Would you go with the wood panelled boys room or the more whimsical and homespun girls room?

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