henry's birthday

We had Henry's birthday last weekend and by all accounts I think it was a success. Moving the party to our local community centre was a brilliant idea (thank you, husband). I'm not sure if I would have attempted sprinkle-covered sugar cookies and glitter-filled snow globes if it had been in our home. I think we all cam home a little glitzier and glamorous then we left.

With the help of my sister-in-law, I made the paper mobiles I first saw over on Jordan Ferney's blog Oh Happy Day. I cut all the pieces while Erin kindly sewed them all together. They were the hit of the party.

I was amazed at how much the little ones liked decorating their own sugar cookies. I'm sure the bowls full of colourful sprinkles helped! I tried out a new sugar cookie recipe I saw over on The Kitchn. It was a great - easy to make and especially easy to roll out. It didn't crumble or crack like other doughs I have tried. I would definitely use it again.  There seemed to be no limit of how much icing you could put on one cookie.

The night before the party, Myles and I painted all the lids of the jars for the snowglobes and glued the figurines to the bottom. I did find that the colour from the tree topiary models tended to bleed (as one reader warned me) but they weren't a disaster. If you're going to try making these I would also suggest you use a coarse or heavy glitter. The lighter, fine glitter tended to sit on the surface of the water and only blended in when the snowglobes were agitated. All in all the children enjoyed making them and they were a simple treat that everyone could bring home.

I made my own version of the Funfetti cake I saw over on The Kitchn. I used a basic vanilla layer cake recipe I found on Epicurious and my own favourite buttercream icing recipe. The result was a delicious cake that wasn't too sweet or cloying. I covered the cake in tiny white sprinkles and colourful jimmies which I continue to find all over the house (in the most unlikely places, I might add!)

With two birthday parties behind us this month, today we celebrate my husband's birthday - so Happy Birthday Myles! I can't promise you anything on the scale of Henry's birthday but I will try my best to make it somewhat memorable. I think there is some cake left over in the fridge!