half painted walls

Half painted walls - yes or no? Ever since I discovered Aurelie Lecuyer's blog I've been thinking about painting my walls but only half way up. I love the way it looks in her house. It gives you a hit of colour while still giving you some white space to play with. It's certainly less drastic than let's say four black walls or four hot pink walls which I don't think I could commit to. It also seems to be a good fit for a child's room. It definitely gives a room a bit of an architectural feature. I wonder how two tone-on-tone shades would look - a little bit more subtle but still visually interesting. Hmm maybe it's worth a try.

halfpainted wall 1


halfpainted wall 2Clive Tompsett 

halfpainted wall 5Skona Hem

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halfpainted wall 3French by Design

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