guest post - two ellie

Today Paula from the lovely blog Two Ellie is joining us to share some of her favorite baby accessories. I have to admit I love my Aden & Anais muslin blankets. During this unstoppable heat wave we're having here in Toronto it is often the only thing you will find Orla wearing! So many of my friends are just now beginning to have their first babies. I was married young and two months after became pregnant. My youngest is now five and we are officially out of the baby stage. I must admit at times I crave being pregnant again and have a baby using what I know now to full advantage. I feel as if there are so many well thought out products out there now and so many products that are just not needed. I strive to live simply and I think this can be accomplished even during the baby stages. These are the products that would make my list today and that are among my baby gift rotation...

-The Uppababy Vista Stroller. I was just introduced to this stroller from a dear friend who has just adopted. It functions as a bassinet for newborns all the way through having a second and third child with simple add-ons. It not only looks exquisite, but easily glides within the tightest areas. It is pricey, but well worth it I would think considering the number of strollers I bought to fit each stage.

Aden + Anais blankets are truly the best. I get them for all expecting mothers. They are lightweight, perfect for swaddling, being discreet while nursing, and so very soft.

-I honestly can't believe I went through having two children without having a cozy rocker. I think my back could have been saved, of course I was much younger then so I suppose that helped, but today I would have been in agony. Buying one that doesn't look babyish means that it can one day be used in another part of the house.

- There are so many gadgets out there that claim to make baby better, but simply reading sweet books to your child is all that is needed.

- I swear by Baby Wise. I am one that strives with order, needs her sleep to be somewhat nice to be around, and at the time my husband had a job as a youth pastor that required me to be out and about a lot. This book helped me achieve a great schedule with both children, they both were sleeping through the night by 6 weeks, and I was able to work around feeding schedules. I wasn't as diligent as this book recommends, but the basics worked for me. I hear that Bringing up Bebe is quite similar and goes beyond the newborn stage. What I can gather is that it encompasses my thoughts on child-rearing in simple and meaningful ways. It's on my list of must reads to say the least.

- I remember the first few weeks/months just being exhausted and not wanting to put too much effort into thinking. A pile of magazines and a delicious candle would put my mind to ease and made taking some me time much more pleasurable even if I had yet taken a shower that day.