guest post - rambling renovators

Jennifer from the Toronto based blog Rambling Renovators is here today with a heartfelt post about letting go. Thanks Jennifer! Hi everyone! I’m thrilled to be guest posting here today on The Marion House Book. I’ve long admired Emma’s aesthetic and her ability to create stylish welcoming rooms, seemingly effortlessly. And as a mother, I love that a toddler and vintage Bertoia chairs can peacefully co-exist in her world!

Emma asked me to write on the biggest challenges and rewards I’ve experienced as a parent and for me, they go hand in hand. It’s in those moments when I let my daughter go and explore and test her own limits that I find myself both holding my breath and cheering her on. As a first time mother, my instinct was to hold close, maybe a little too close. I still find that I’m the one saying Be careful, Don’t do that, No no no… while Dad is the one who lets our girl wander a little bit farther, run faster and fall down more.

We were at the park the other day, and I let Chloe’s hand go so she could chase her dad down a steep hill. But she was running too fast for her little feet to keep up and she fell head over heels at the bottom, landing in a big muddy heap. I ran over to her, ready to soothe the inevitable cries - but instead, she got back up, trotted up that hill, and ran down again full speed, this time finishing safely on her two feet. “See Mommy, I can do it”.

That was my girl, pushing herself beyond my expectations. Isn’t that what we all struggle with? Teaching our children to the best versions of themselves, even when that means letting go, standing back, and hoping for the best? I’m still not comfortable with the letting go part, but I’m learning that in every finish line crossed, every bruise and bump she earns, I’m learning to be a better mother too. How wonderful for her to teach me that.