guest post - 8 foot 6

Shannon from the blog, 8 Foot 6, is joining us today with some insights into what it is like to be a mum to two kids. I love her truthful and honest words. Thanks Shannon. Life with two

Congratulations Emma, on the birth of your second child!  Breathe all of these early moments in deeply (down to your toes) because they pass by so quickly!

I thought I could tell you about my experience of adding baby two to our family! My boys are 6 months and three years old.  Here is what life with two taught us:

1) It took a while to bond.  It was over a month before I stopped thinking of the baby as a ''responsibility".  I often felt heartsick over giving up my one-on-one time with my first born. In a way, I grieved.

2) I learned to trust my instincts. No need (and no time) to consult a stack of mommy books!

3) Taking them out anywhere (in any weather) is better than staying home.  Freedom and fresh air puts us all on our best behavior!

4) I end a lot of days feeling like a failure (no really, I do).  My three year old is challenging, and the baby nurses frequently.  I spend a great chunk of time sitting in the nursing chair, and another chunk of time disciplining.  We never accomplish as much as I hope to, and my patience is never enough.

I can not imagine life without two!  Each day is made up of laughs, sibling cuddles (and jealousy), planning/logistics, lack of sleep, long walks, cooking, cleaning up toys, making messes, changing diapers and tummy raspberries.  Not to mention a few stolen moments for myself.

Thanks for having us Emma! Enjoy your squishy little baby girl!