great expectations

Just a quick post today to point you in the direction of an interesting article my mum sent me the other day from the London Telegraph.  If you remember, a couple of weeks ago I posted a recipe for simple basic scones from Petersham Nurseries Cafe in Surrey, England. It turns out the chef of that restaurant, Skye Gyngell, has left due in part to the Michelin Star the restaurant was awarded. She says, "it's been a curse...Since we got the star we've been crammed every single day… And we've had lots more complaints."

It's an interesting read and has sparked a flurry of other articles related to the topic. My favourite might be this one written by David Mitchell for The Observer. It goes beyond the small details of Gyngell's departure and talks about how our expectations inevitably cloud our judgment. As he says, "It's almost impossible to find a brilliant film brilliant if dozens of people have told you it's brilliant in advance." An interesting thought especially in a world where everything is reviewed and picked apart well before any of us ever get there.

Do you find too much hype gets in your way of enjoying things?

Image credits:
Petersham Nurseries via Passing Open Windows