Gift Guide - Lampe Berger

The one sense we tend to forget when decorating is scent yet the smell of a certain flower or perfume can bring memories of a specific time and place rushing back. When you walk into a home and are met with a pleasing fragrance you tend to remember it. It’s the final touch. Giving fragrance for the home is the perfect holiday gift idea both for those on your list and the hostess. The Maison Berger company has been creating home fragrances since 1930 for its well-known catalytic lamps. Their newest line, launched in August 2015, is called Parfum Berger and it features a new way to fragrance your home including  fragrance lamps, cubes and ceramic rose scented bouquets in 10 bespoke fragrances. It’s the unexpected gift that everyone will be happy to receive.

1b. Philipp Klinger Photography

2a. via Jenny Packham

3b. via Patzer  Photo by Sisters Agency/Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer

4a. Time Magazine