Garage update

We've made a lot of progress on the garage. In fact, it is more or less finished but as I'm learning there are still many small touches to be made. The most significant being the landscaping around the garage. It's hard to take a pretty photo when there is nothing but dirt surrounding it. Nevertheless I have given it a try to show you the progress.

The alley side of the garage is almost completely finished minus the roof (more on that later). As I mentioned in my last post, we decided on a Garaga garage door mainly because if its aesthetics. I wanted something clean and simple that complemented the design of our garage. Now that it is installed I'm over the moon. The motor (we decided on a wall-mounted sidewinder or the Liftmaster 8500 to free up ceiling space) is super quiet and closes with an authoritative clunk. It's like comparing a Porsche motor to a Fiat - you can hear the difference. It also has an exterior access panel which my kids love as they can come and go as they please.

No, we did not decide on a two-toned roof. After much deliberation, we chose a cedar shingle roof over a standing-seam metal roof which had been our intention from the beginning. I was afraid the building would end up looking too modern and not have the textured, rustic appeal of the out buildings I favoured in Scandinavia. 

I initially dismissed the cedar shake roofs because I was dead-set on an all-black look for the garage. Since painting shingles is out of the question (you don't want that kind of maintenance) I had to really dig to see what else was out there. I finally stumbled across a building that was described as having "tarred shingles". What I discovered was a product called pine tar that is a natural preservative made my boiling down the roots of pine and other trees. It is often used on boats, bridges and wooden buildings in Scandinavia but is not very well known here.

Each shingle had to be hand-dipped in the pine tar, left to dry and then attached to the roof. Once again, I'm so thankful to our happy-to-try-anything contractor who with his team figured out a way to work with this product so that I could have a roof I was happy with. The trouble is, we used up all the pine tar in Canada before we could finish the roof. We're presently waiting for the next delivery so we can finish up the alley side.

The front is waiting on landscaping which is our next big project. The interior of the sauna also needs to be completed. The window above is the room where the sauna will be housed. Throughout, we kept a little bit of the unpainted cedar exposed to provide some relief from the black. 

In the meantime, we still haven't parked in the garage because it is proving too good a spot to workout!