Garage Sale

My basement is starting to fill up again! It's time to part with some of my things in order to make room for new pieces. Maybe you have space in your home? First up is this antique chandelier from my bedroom.

Antique Weathered Brass 6-Arm Chandelier

It has a weathered brass finish. The overall look is very muted and matte.  I purchased it at James Dy's Antiques on Queen Street.

Asking price, weathered brass chandelier - SOLD

Multi-armed Black Chandelier

I bought this multi-armed black chandelier from Commute Home about 10 years ago when they first opened. It has 20 arms which each hold an individual bulb. I bought it exactly like this but I suspect at some point it was spray-coated or painted this colour. Shows signs of wear consistent with a vintage product. 

Asking price, multi-armed black chandelier - SOLD

Kilim Floor Pillows

Two kilim floor pillows measuring approximately 20" x 20". I picked up these pillows from my friend Liz when she had her store The Arthur. 

Asking price - - SOLD

Age HiLo Chair

This high chair lasted us through two kids and still looks pretty good. The chair is Canadian-made and is very smartly designed. It has two heights (standard table height + a higher height perfect to slip under most kitchen islands.) It also has a removable tray. We literally used this high chair through all the stages, and moved it between our kitchen island and dining room table as required. The chair is orange and shows some signs of wear but functions perfectly.

Asking price, HiLo Chair - $125

Inke Heliand Pendant Light

I have one of these Inke Heiland pendant lights which I've never used. The pattern is the one pictured above with pale orange and yellow flowers. The light is made using vintage wallpaper and comes with an orange cord and bulb attachment. 

Asking price, Vintage wallpaper pendant light (still in box!), $75

If you're interested in any of these pieces please email me at - Shipping charges will be extra.