garage sale

The trouble with being a serial decorator is that you tend to accumulate a lot of stuff. In an effort to clean our our basement and make a bit of room in our house I'm going to have a few "garage sales" to clear out the excess. If you're interested in an item please email me at Unfortunately these items are only for sale within Canada and the north eastern United States. (Shipping costs may apply.) bentwood_chairsFirst up are two bentwood chairs with caned seats and backs. They are similar to the one used in my office but both have arms like the photo on the right. These chairs are very versatile.There is some wear and tear or patina as they say!

$200 for the pair. SOLD



This Ikea 365+ Brasa Pendant light hung in our bedroom until we replaced it with a vintage chandelier. It measures 18" in diameter.

$25  for the light - SOLD



The Seeing Doubles wall clock has minute and hour hands with red and green transparent film that allow both the minutes and hours to be read at the same time. It lived on our far kitchen wall. You can just see it poking out behind the black door. (And I do mean, just...)

$50 for the clock

koziol_standThis Koziol three-tier stand in bright orange works very well as a fruit stand. That's how we used it in the very first iteration of our kitchen (before the black wall and walnut open shelf).

$10 for the stand SOLD

pendant lightsThat same era of kitchen also included two authentic, dark green industrial work lights from Westinghouse. They measure 16 inches in diameter and 27 inches from base of the light to the top of the pole (which hard wires into your ceiling). They have safety glass enclosures over the lightbulb which you can see in the photo on the right. (Oh and look there is a better view of the Seeing Doubles wall clock!)

$200 for the pair of lights. SOLD

More to come in the weeks ahead!