Garage - one year later

We finished our garage at the very end of last summer. By the time, all the work was done our backyard had been decimated and only a mud pit remained where once there was a garden. Just before the snow started falling we planted some trees and bulbs and hoped for the best. 

We opted to seed our new lawn rather than roll out turf as we had lost that battle a few times in the past with the raccoons pulling up all the newly laid grass. Our wet spring and diligent seeding paid off and by June we had a pretty good lawn to stand on. Incredibly after almost ten years of living in this house I now have a garden to play in. I'm excited to see how things mature and what works and what doesn't. I'm trying my best to keep a few things in bloom all summer long. We'll see how that goes!

As for our garage, it still doesn't have a sauna (crossing my fingers for this fall before the snow hits again) but is otherwise close to completion. At first, I was a bit hesitant to spend money building a garage when a new kitchen or laundry room could have been had but in retrospect it has been well worth the money. We've gained storage space, a workout room, place for the kids to play and a better backyard. Taking the time to design a building we like looking at from both back and front made all the difference.

The Garaga garage door looks great from the alleyway while the shou sugi ban wood front with its seamless doors and custom window make it look like a little cabin in the woods.

Up next, is some much needed patio furniture so we can actually get out there and enjoy some al fresco dinners.