Garage Inspiration

You might remember about a year ago I wrote a post about building a new garage. After months of reviewing drawings and applying for permits our garage is finally underway. The idea of building a garage doesn’t exactly excite me. It’s right up there with putting on a new roof or buying a new furnace. So when we decided that what we really needed to do to make our house more functional was build a garage I decided I’d make it the most exciting garage I could.

We decided to build a two-car garage even though we’re only a one-car family. The extra space afforded us lots of extra storage space for the bikes, skis, lawn mowers and Christmas decorations that fill our basement and a small sauna. To be honest, I’m building the garage for the sauna and it's where I started when I went looking for inspiration for what the garage should look like.

The Scandinavians with their love for outdoor wood-burning saunas have great examples of simple, rustic outbuildings that work equally well as garages. 

With the help of Zuzanna Krykorka of Studio Z Design we settled on a basic wood structure with a peaked roof and vertical lines. In order to make the garage unique it really came down to the play of materials. This is where we started.

PH 3-2 1/2 Outdoor Wall Sconce  for the outdoor light

PH 3-2 1/2 Outdoor Wall Sconce for the outdoor light

Outdoor fire pit

Outdoor fire pit

Sourcing materials hasn't been easy but we've been very lucky to work with a contractor (Reno by Gueno) who was happy to search and try new things. After getting a few quotes on pre-made shou sugi ban wood we decided to do it ourselves. Our contractor burned pieces of cedar wood and then sealed them with an tinted oil to bring out the black finish. We've used a board and batten technique on the front and tongue and groove boards on the remaining three sides.

For the garage door, we started off at big-box stores but couldn't find a design to our liking. After a bit more research, we found a company called Garaga that have a wide range of door styles in some really attractive styles. They also have an online tool where you can custom build your door and see a rendering of it. This design centre helped us build our garage door without even stepping inside one of the stores. The best news was that the quote we received for a black, clean-lined, horizontal panelled door was the same price as the ugly doors we looked into at the big-box stores. Some times it pays to do your research!

Slowly the pieces are coming together but we still have a ways to go. I'll update soon with progress photos.