forcing forsythia

Every year around this time, I head into my backyard and cut down a few branches from our forsythia bush. It's one of the season's earliest bloomers and if you look closely you'll notice little buds just waiting to burst forth. If you want to force the blossoms prematurely all you need to do is bring the branches indoors. A little bit of warm air and water will give you beautiful, bright flowers in a matter of days. forsythia-2-2

The "bird's nest" is a project, Henry, my five year old, made with some twigs he found outside. You might also notice that I picked up those J. Crew New Balance sneakers I was crushing on. I can't wait to officially put all my winter boots and clothes behind me!

forsythia-1-2The photo in the mirror is probably from about three years ago. We take one every year in front of our forsythia bush when it is in full colour. We'll be doing it again soon. I'm finally starting to feel it- spring is in the air. Here's to a good week ahead.