five faves on a friday

Hello! It's nice to be back over here. I apologize for my absence. It feels like months have passed but I hope it is just days. Here are some lovely spring pastel faves to get you through the weekend. I'll be back here on Monday with the chance to win a $200 shopping spree. Oh yeah!! Who needs a new spring wardrobe? five faves_pastel


1. Solid Maple Bookends designed by Marvin Freitas - Keep it all lined up!

2. Handpainted Ikat Console  - This would be amazing in a bedroom.

3. Pieces of Porcelain by The Mod Collective - They use 3D printers to make the shape of these pieces and then they mold and cast them. Amazing!

4. Flat Oval Blue/Purple Paraiba Tourmaline Ring designed by Anne Sportun. - Add it to my list!

5. Bobbi Cuff Turquoise - Perfect piece for summer dresses.