first word!

The other morning I was sitting in my living room enjoying my morning coffee when Harry became very excited. He was bouncing up and down and jabbing the air with his little finger. "Bir, bir"

"Bir, bir", he kept saying over and over again.

"Yes", I said. (I say yes alot, it's better than no, right?) and went back to my coffee not thinking too much about it.

"Bir, bir". This time with more finger pointing and the sign we use for bird.

Wait a Harry trying to tell me something. Sure enough, I turn around and look out the window and there is a pigeon on the roof of the house across the street.

"YES", I say, "BIRD! BIRD!" "You're right, so smart!"

And that was it, his first word....bird. A pretty good choice in my opinion. I thought it might be snow or maybe ball but bird it was.

So, in celebration I added some wallpaper birds from Inke Heiland to his room. I've had them for awhile but didn't know where to put them. In the end, I decided that they would look really cute sitting on top of something. Considering our lack of closet space, I bought some hook racks from the bathroom department of Ikea and placed them on top. Now, Harry has somewhere to hang his plaid shirts and some birds to call by name!

I installed two Molker hook racks side by side. A steal at $4.99 each!

The birds are a nice compliment to his tree.