fifty-two objects - no.8

Object number eight in my quest to document my life in 52 Objects might seem like a strange choice to some of you. What's so important about a designer bag? A little background...growing up as a teenager in the Eighties was all about the preppy look for me and what "label" I was wearing. Do you remember those days? At some point, I asked my parents for a Louis Vuitton purse and they kindly obliged. I must have had them wrapped around my finger! Funny thing is that I have never stopped using this purse. I don't bring it out on a regular basis anymore but once or twice a year it gets to see the light of day. It has actually become better with age which is a testimony to its quality craftsmanship. More than anything this purse reminds me of a time in my life when I was just starting to assert my independence and define my own self.

Do you have any objects like this that sort of define a period or time in your life? Things you just can't part with?