fall fruit

I don't know if it is the time of year when you want hide away in your kitchen or the fact that I didn't show any food photography on here for a long time but all of a sudden I am ripe with food posts! I have two fantastic ones coming up that I can't wait to show you. Today I thought I would show you some beautiful photos that Kristin Sjaarda took the other day. Kristin and I were actually on a photo shoot for another project when I was struck by the beauty of the dark, dusky plums on a plate. I suggested we get together and do something with purply autumnal fruit only to have my life get super busy. Luckily for me Kristin went ahead and shot some things anyway. I hope you enjoy!

Also I wanted to announce the winner of Cassandra Ellis' Quilt Love book. Congratulations Dayna I will be contacting you shortly! I truly loved reading all your comments and personal histories surrounding quilting. It's obviously a tradition that is alive and well in your hearts and your hands. I urge you to seek out Cassandra's book. I know you will find it very inspiring.