escape to the cottage

Ahhhhh.....that was nice and much needed. We just returned from an extended weekend with friends on Georgian Bay. We went swimming, read loads of magazines, and ate delicious food by candlelight. What a pleasure!

It was actually a cottage (or rather a story about a cottage being built) that got me interested in blogging around this time last year.

I'll admit that I was a latecomer to the world of blogging. Of course, I had heard about them and had visited a few but they were not something I ever spent any time on. I didn't really understand their appeal or attraction until I started reading Suzanne Dimma's blog over at Canadian House and Home about the construction of her very own modern lake cottage. Suzanne and her husband Arriz Hassam a partner at Toronto design firm 3rd Uncle, take us through the entire design process from start to finish.

Their modern glass cottage is not unlike these homes built by a local design firm called Mafco House. These modular cottages made up of 16' x 16' post and beam modules can be configured in variety of ways to best suit the site and the path of the sun. The result is a light, airy structure that appears to hover over the landscape.

The insides of the homes are beautifully finished as well....

Mafco House

I found Suzanne's account of their entire process from choosing the piece of land to design drawings to construction (in very challenging conditions) to completion utterly fascinating. Along the way she shares inspiration images, design tips, and even some of her mistakes! All of a sudden, I found myself typing in her blog address on a weekly basis looking for updates. My addiction had begun! The story all culminates with Suzanne's own beautifully stylish wedding held at the just completed cottage. I was totally and completely hooked.

I also thought....hmmm maybe this is something I could do. Was anyone else inspired to start blogging by something they had read?