end of summer

Hello September! You've come a little too fast for me this year. Where did all those lazy summer days go to? It seems like just yesterday we were searching in vain for our flip flops that had been tucked away for the winter.

In an effort to ready myself for the coming months and the inevitable slide into more time cooped up inside, I spent the last weekend of summer doing what any self-respecting design enthusiast would do - I made my home a little cosier.

I finally got around to some of those projects I've been meaning to do all summer. I went through our closets, tidied the basement, did a bit of gardening and more or less got things organized for the school year ahead. I also made a few purchases which make our house look a little more finished. (You might remember that we have been living without a hallway light for over 6 months!) I'll share the results of those in the coming weeks.

So goodbye summer and hello autumn. I might not be ready for you yet but I think it's going to be a good one.