easy diy storage

I love this idea! In the July issue of Chatelaine magazine we put together an easy DIY storage solution. All you need are some standard bike baskets and a little imagination. For our shoot, we took standard, inexpensive metal bike baskets ($20 each) and spray painted them in some cool, vivid shades. Then you simply screw them into the wall! The shallow depth and airy structure make them perfect for tight places like hallways where you don't want anything too big or bulky on your walls.

chatelaine_DIY bike basket storage

Of course, there are so many great bike baskets out there you might not have to do any work at all. Check out these ones.



1. Brooks Hoxton Classic Bicycle Basket - Cyclechic
2. Nantucket Bike Basket - REI
3. Asungtaba Bike Basket - House of Talents
4. Linus Rear Wire Basket - Linus Bikes
5. Handwoven Ash Bike Basket - Kaufmann Mercantile
6. Eleven81 Wire Mesh Basket - Respinhi


I think this idea would also be perfect for a kid's room or nursery. Great for little socks, hats and shoes or all those tiny board books.

Image Credit:
Sian Richards