easter decorating

I'm hoping by this time next week I'll be introducing you to my new blog. So exciting. Until then, I'd thought I'd get you inspired with some tabletop ideas for Easter that I did for Chatelaine. chatelaine_easter_sianrichards8There's nothing more beautiful than a basket (or bowl) of eggs. I mixed together natural duck and quail eggs with organically dyed eggs (instructions below) and a few thread wrapped eggs.


Make your own centrepiece by stacking different vases filled with one flower on top of a cake stand. Vary the heights to keep it interesting.

chatelaine_easter_sianrichards6Make your own dyes using ingredients you find in your fridge and pantry. Onion skins, loose tea, blueberries, beets, and even parsley create beautiful, coloured eggs. For instructions, click here.

chatelaine_easter_sianrichards9If you don't want to get your hands dirty, try wrapping your eggs in thread or washi tape. The thread can be held in place with a dab of white glue. Decorating eggs like this literally takes seconds.

chatelaine_easter_sianrichards5Instead of traditional easter baskets, try these Mason Jar takeaways. Simply glue a plastic animal to a mason jar lid and spray paint the whole thing. Fill the jars with nesting material and top with candy eggs.

chatelaine_easter_sianrichards2Give a simple name tag some personality with a strip of washi tape and a thread-wrapped eggs. I chose to mix springtime pastels with hits of bright neon's to keep it interesting.

chatelaine_easter1_sianrichardsFinally, our Northern Climate means flowers aren't always in bloom by Easter. Chances are you have lots of bare branches though! Cut some down, place them in a jar and hang floral foam eggs pinned with chrysanthemums. Easy Peasy!

Photos: Sian Richards for Chatelaine Magazine
Prop Styling: Julia Black, Rayna Schwartz