DIY - Jewelry Holder

Today, Amy from Love on Sunday has an easy DIY you could make this weekend. It's the perfect time of year to find some branches for this kind of project. Take it away, Amy!

After taking a stroll in the park one afternoon, I picked up a few branches because I just loved their colour and texture.  With some extra yarn and a few nails, I managed to create a simple and functional jewelry holder.

I decided to go with black, white and grey yarn but you can pretty much use whatever colour you wish.  Fluorescent colours would look beautiful as well.  

I simply tied a knot on one end and started wrapping the yarn around different areas of the branch.

To hold it in place, I used 2 nails to secure it to the wall.  If you have heavier pieces, you may want to secure the branch with hooks.

I love the juxtaposition of the soft yarn against the rough edges of the branch.  It adds a nice organic element to my bedroom and also keeps my necklaces from getting tangled up!

And because most of these pieces hold sentimental value, I love seeing them on display.  - Amy.