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A few weeks ago I posted about wanting new chairs for my dining room. Nothing has changed...I would still love a new set of seats for myself and our guests. But there are wish lists and there is reality. After having snapped up one to many rugs at the antique market last weekend (did I fail to mention in my previous post that I bought three rugs that day, oh yeah...) I had to get creative. With Myles' parents arriving from out of town and two of our dining room chairs loose at the hinges I had to look around and see what I could come up with. Then I remembered that we had some Eames fiberglass shell chairs in our basement. (Watch this very cool video from the 1970s showing how these chairs were handcrafted. I love my chairs even more after having watched this.) We had bought them for our first place here in Toronto and have used them mainly as outdoor chairs ever since. I brought them upstairs, laid one of the new rugs on the floors and ta da...not bad.

I'm contemplating purchasing some wooden dowel bases to update the Eames chairs.

via Apartment Therapy

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