denmark + sweden + iceland

In a few short weeks, we're taking off on a family vacation - a sort of belated celebration of our 40th birthdays (which took place way back in December 2013 2012!). We were sitting around one night thinking of ways to mark the occasion when we threw out the crazy idea that we should go for dinner at the #1 restaurant in the world - Noma in Copenhagen. Somehow that nutty idea has become a reality.

Table in restaurant

Even more believable is the fact that we actually managed to get a reservation at Noma. (It required waking up at 4am and a lot of nail biting as our 547th number in line counted down.)


At the moment, our itinerary looks something like Copenhagen to Legoland to Skagen (which is the Northernmost tip of Jutland) ferry to Gothenberg, Sweden over to Stockholm down to Malmo and back to Copenhagen. On the return flight we will take advantage of the free stopovers Icelandic Air offers and stay there for five days. The Blue Lagoon sounds like the perfect end to our journey (with 1 and 4 year old in tow!)


Other than the trip to Legoland and the meal at Noma we haven't planned much else.

Tell me - where should go, what shouldn't we miss, what must we eat, and what will make the trip unbelievable.

Image Credits:

1-2 - Ditte Isager

3 - Juli Daoust via Kitka Design Toronto