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Resolutions...I know, these are a bit late but I figured with the Chinese New Year starting today that I had a second chance. It wasn't that I wasn't thinking about them when January 1st rolled around it's just that I've had a hard time this year coming to terms with the idea of resolutions. I think it all started when I read post over on Zen Habits called, How to Have the Best Year of Your Life (Without Setting a Single Goal) by Jeff Goins. He suggests that goals or resolutions are pointless and focus too much on the end result and that we would be better off establishing daily habits. Goals he argues are designed to trick you into believing that all you need to change your life is a plan. When in reality most of us have a hard time sticking to a list of goals for more than a few weeks let alone a year. Instead he suggests we create good sustainable daily habits we enjoy doing. Basically, making room in your life for what really matters. The key to success is consistency.

I think the other reason I was reluctant to set resolutions this year was the knowledge that I was going to be adding another baby to  the household. We all know that children are completely unpredictable and raising two children while pursuing my own ambitions is uncharted territory!  I have so many wonderful memories from my year off when Henry was first born. There were no expectations or goals I was expected to accomplish other than focusing on my baby and our family. That year off allowed me time to truly discover what I love and paved the path for many of the opportunities I have today. Since that time I have honestly come to think that everybody should get at least one year off (with some financial support) to refocus their energies and discover their passions - a sabbatical of sorts.


So, with that in mind I'm going to set out a list of daily/weekly habits that I hope will make the year ahead one I can be proud of.

- Reconnect with my body through yoga, walking, pilates, etc.  We've been out of touch and we need to get back together. Physically, we have a challenging year ahead of us and we need to reunite.

- Stay focused on the task. Whether it's playing with Henry or making dinner or listening to my husband or working on a problem I need to be fully there on that task and not looking at my phone or thinking about the 10 other things I have to do. Less distraction - more attentiveness.

- Read before bed. Not only does this help me fall asleep easier but I love being able to disappear into a book. At the end of a long day, it's a relief to get lost in someone else's world.

- Drink more water, eat more fruit. I'm a pretty healthy eater but I could easily eat bread, cheese and chocolate all day long. More fruit and water in my daily life would be a good thing.

- Connect - with friends, with family, with the outdoors, with strangers, with joy.

What about you, any daily habits you've added to your life that have made it better?

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