create a beautiful life - hoi bo

Don't you love it when a number of things collide and open your eyes to something new and inspiring? Last month, I was shopping in Mjolk and saw their beautiful display of hand waxed, hand crafted bags by Hoi Bo. A couple of weeks later, I was reading Anja's answers for her Hello! Neighbor post and noticed that the one thing she wanted for Christmas was a Hoi Bo bag. Not knowing much about the company but intrigued I started to do a bit of poking around.  Hoi Bo, headed by designer Sarra Tang, is a group of three artisans who create micro production runs (4-6 pieces) of finely crafted leather goods.

Reading the words handcrafted and artisanal and micro production is one thing seeing the process in action is quite another thing. I was blown away when I saw this video of Sarra and her team working in their studio in Toronto. I loved so many things about it from the strength and delicacy of her hands in the opening scene to her thoughts on creating a beautiful life to her belief that in order to acquire a certain aesthetic some things have to be handmade - you just can't get the same results with a machine.

Amazing, right? How much do you want to own one of their bags now? True artistry.

Video directed and edited by Tate Young/ produced and written by Ian Daffern for The Toronto Standard.