color story - caramel & turquoise

I have to say that I am loving this color combination right now - call it caramel and turquoise or cognac and peacock - the pairing of them together is so intoxicating especially when a bit of leather is involved. Sadly, I don't think there is any room for it in the current configuration of my house but I'll happily use it elsewhere. What do you think of this combo? Are you itching to paint some blue walls in your space?

Isn't that sofa a thing of beauty?

The photo that started me thinking about this combination. That chair and painting work so well together.

I posted Jenn Hannotte's bedroom a few weeks back. Here deep, deep blue walls pair perfectly with a caramel canvas butterfly chair.

The natural wood and brick in actress Julianne Moore's former Greenwich home lend that caramel colour contrasted with peacock blue leather upholstery and cabinetry.

Beautifully textured walls at the Marrakech Hotel Riad El Fenn.

And if you can't commit to it in your house than you can always wear it! ( I also love the classic combination of florals with stripes.)

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