chatelaine - almost there!

A little while back I told you about a bedroom makeover we were working on for Chatelaine magazine. I'm happy to say it should be hitting newsstands any day now and I just wanted to fill you in on a few more details before you see the final shots. You might remember that we showed the client three different scenarios each with a common theme but a few variations: the first had hits of brass and gold that gave the room an eclectic but sophisticated feel , the second relied on heavier, ebony pieces with sculptural shapes that gave the room some ethnic flair and the last scenario introduced many organic and natural elements that gave the room a seaside feel.

And which one did the client choose...the first one with hits of brass and gold.

Once we knew this, we headed off to hunt for fabric. We knew we needed something to upholster the headboard in, some fabric for pillows and something for a bedskirt.  Since the bed was going to be the focal point of the room we knew the fabric really had to take centre stage.

We were so happy when we found the diamond fabric at the top of this image. We knew it would make the perfect headboard fabric and it really reminded us of the inspiration image the client had given us of a piece of Ikat fabric (see below). It really was the jumping off point for everything else in the room.

As you might recall, our client's bedroom is in a brand new condominium and it is a rental property so we kept physical changes to a minimum. We did however suggest that they paint one wall a rich, Aegean blue colour to add some depth to the room. The colour we chose was Benjamin Moore's Down Pour Blue and it immediately made a huge difference in the room. If our clients had owned the condo I would have suggested they paint all the walls this dark colour but I can understand their hesitancy!

Before I go,  I'll leave you with a few shots of the room in progress. Once the article hits the newsstands I'll be able to show you the full reveal.

That's all I can show you for now. Keep your eyes out for the latest issue of Chatelaine and check back soon!