chairs everywhere you look

Does this ever happen to you? You're going through life when suddenly you're introduced to something new, something you've never seen before and then suddenly everywhere you look this new thing is there and there and there! It probably always existed but you never noticed it until now. I kind of love it when that happens. And you know what, it's happening to me right now with this particular chair.

My sister-in-law came home with two of these chairs a little while ago. She was helping a friend buy a second hand treadmill when she spotted these in the corner of the basement. She offered the woman $30 for both and she agreed to sell. Lucky for us, my sister-in-law didn't have room for them in her place so she has left them with us for a little while. They are so smartly designed. Not only are they very comfortable to sit in but when folded they lie practically flat.

Anyways, as I was saying, I had never seen these chairs before she brought them over to us and then one day I see this:

And this (obviously from the same room):

And then this:

Makes me wonder if I should bring mine inside. What do you think? Are these indoor chairs or outdoor chairs? With a little elbow grease they could look exactly like the ones above. (I think I like the greyer, faded finish better.) And where would I put them? Maybe, one in Henry's room? I don't use the rocking chair much anymore and he loves crawling into these low, sturdy chairs.

Or in our living room?

I think they could work....question is do I really need another chair! My house is already bursting at the seams with places to sit.