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For our next little creative endeavor, let’s try to add an artsy touch to one of our favourite recipes. If you were planning on cooking something over the weekend, why not have fun and try to add a special twist to the presentation. You can choose a special plate, add a few herbs to your presentation or just add something colorful to your table setting. See if someone notices! Add some pleasure to the experience and enjoy! Here are a few inspiration pics.


Photo by Karen Tedesco



We would love to see what you come up with! So if you feel like it, tag us on Instagram (@babasouk@marionhousebook) so we can see.  –Stephanie

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weekend create away -

I have a super simple project to stir-up your creativity this weekend. Why don’t we take a few minutes to re-style a side table or console we have in our homes? The fun of it is looking around your place for fun treasures to style the table. A few nice table books that have been hanging in your library, a few ceramic pieces you collect, something that feels a little unusual, maybe a souvenir from a trip and while you are at it, grab a plant you have around your house. Here are a few inspiration pics to get you going. I would love to see what you come up with! So if you feel like it, tag us on Instagram (@babasouk, @marionhousebook) so we can see. Have fun! –Stephanie





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weekend create away - handwritten notes

I thought of a really simple way to get a bit creative this weekend -let's attempt to write 1 or 2 meaningful handwritten notes and put them in the mail! The art of correspondence has been fading in the last decade but as we all say (but never do) there is something special about receiving a handwritten letter. I want to keep this endeavor as realistic as possible so I’m not saying to write a Valentine note to everyone on your list, it sounds like a huge chore, but to take at least 30 minutes to write 1 or 2 short notes to someone special and actually take a walk to the post office.

Let’s use our most beautiful stationary!

Have you noticed these beautiful stamps with golden horses available at the post office lately? - Stephanie.





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weekend create away: flowers

I'm happy to have Stephanie from Baba Souk joining me again this year. She's come up with a great new series I'm calling Weekend Create Away. I'll let her take it from here. (I'm off to pick up some flowers!) One of my goals for 2014 is taking time to play and live a creative life. What is this life all about without a little time to have fun? This new post series is about making time to do something inspiring. I’ll come up with super feasible ideas and simple ways to stir up our creative juices! Are you in?

So over the weekend, let’s try to make our own beautiful flower arrangements. The trick is not to have it put together by the florist, but to go to your local market and buy a few flowers and greenery you like, bring them home, find the perfect vase and play! We all need a little blast of color to brighten up this coldest time of year.I’d love to see what you come up with!

It doesn't need to be complicated to be pretty. Here are a few bouquets to get you started.


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Curated by Baba Souk.