weekend create away

For our next little creative endeavor, let’s try to add an artsy touch to one of our favourite recipes. If you were planning on cooking something over the weekend, why not have fun and try to add a special twist to the presentation. You can choose a special plate, add a few herbs to your presentation or just add something colorful to your table setting. See if someone notices! Add some pleasure to the experience and enjoy! Here are a few inspiration pics.


Photo by Karen Tedesco



We would love to see what you come up with! So if you feel like it, tag us on Instagram (@babasouk@marionhousebook) so we can see.  –Stephanie

1.     Via Pratis & Traverssas
2.     Via familystyle food  
3.     Via Canelle et Vanille 
4.     Via Lemon Fire Brigade 

inspired by - tiles

I’ve been doing a bit of research for floor tile inspiration lately. It’s for a future kitchen project. It seems I am drawn towards anything that looks like colorful mosaic, you know the super expensive kind!... On a more realistic note, I’m thinking about a simpler black and white version, it might be a better, timeless option. What kind of tiles would you choose if you were about to renovate? - Stephanie. inspired-by-tiles

1.     Laguna blue tiles from Bonnie and Neil
2.     Via My First Little Place 
3.     Via Marrakech Design 
4.     Via Marrakech Design 
5.     Via Marrakech Design 
6.     Via Sodeco 
Curated by Baba Souk.

inspired by - wallpaper

I’m astonished by the variety of outstanding wallpapers I see on Pinterest. For years, I was reluctant to wallpaper, I guess the variety felt too traditional, but now I feel the options we have are amazing! Look at these for inspiration. I’m curious, where would you shop to find great wallpaper selection? –Stephanie

1.     Via Ab Chao
2.     Via Rue Magazine 
3.     Via Matchbook Magazine
4.     Via The Design Files
5.     Via Lauren Kelp
6.     Via Rachel Powell
Curated by Baba Souk.