all in a (couple) weeks

I haven't done an update - little of what-I've-been-up-to post in awhile. Below a smattering of my everyday and weekends. marionhousebook-3Don't you love this shapely cutting board? It's made by Trish Papadakos - a pretty phenomenally talented Torontonian. I had the pleasure of shooting in her home the other day for Chatelaine.

marionhousebook-4Speaking of photoshoots for Chatelaine check out the light in this place! I dream of having natural sunlight streaming in like this (not happening in my narrow Victorian). By the way, I'm so excited about this home tour - unbelievable. In the December issue of Chatelaine.

Blog Podium Annawithlove Photography-0005-LI spoke at Blogpodium a couple weekends ago and had an amazing time. What a talented and interesting group of women (l to r - Rhonda Riche, Jacquelyn Clark, Me, Margot Austin, Leigh Anne Allaire Perrault) I got to share the stage with. I wish I could bring them along to every public speaking engagement. They made it so much fun.

marionhousebook-5Over the weekend we took in the Edward Burtynsky Water exhibition. If you live in Toronto I urge you to go and see it. The prints are absolutely amazing. There is also a great short video about how he gets the shots including using a remote control helicopter!marionhousebook-2-2After the exhibition we headed down stairs to Sense Appeal coffee. The place is roughly put together but is totally charming in an almost post-apocalyptic way! And the coffee was to die for.


Finally I've been perfecting my ribbons this week. If it's September it must be Christmas time in the magazine world! If you want to learn to make the perfect bow you should check out this post made by the former editor at Chatelaine Virginie Martocq. It worked for me!

Blogpodium photo by Anna With Love Photography 




all in a week

The question this week was to instagram or not to instagram. I certainly did less of it but part of that was certainly because of this busy season. I'm going to think about it over the new year and make up my mind then. What are your thoughts on their new policies? Will you be instagramming over the holidays? I'll be back here on Monday and Tuesday with a couple more posts before 2012 draws to a close. 7a5f11b245fc11e29c6622000a1f9e4a_7

The winter light was hitting this painting in our living room beautifully the other morning. We get such different light in our house in the winter than we do in the summer.


While I was getting my hair cut this week I picked up a copy of W magazine - something I haven't done in awhile. This cover and the accompanying article where Jessica Chastain played muse to four living artists was fabulous.



Aren't these the best holiday cards you have ever seen? I love the matching sweaters. They were designed by Courtney Wotherspoon and kindly sent to me.

Have a good weekend!

all in a week

I'm switching gears this weekend and shifting into four year old party mode. I'll be making cupcakes and macaroni and cheese and decorating the house once again. My son LOVES decorations. He's always asking, "will there be decorations?" I'm not really sure what he is expecting (will a few balloon and streamers do or is he hoping for a full blown Martha Stewart-like extravaganza...I think I might have mentioned something about how I would love to cover the ceiling in old fishing nets...that's not happening! Hope he isn't disappointed.) I'll have a little taste of it for you on Monday. b38e451c43d011e2900e22000a1f96c7_7

I collaborated with photographer Sian Richards again this week to pull together a little winter food shoot. I'll have the full post for you in the coming weeks.


We made that Nigel Slater chicken dish I promised to share with you. It's a perfect meal to eat on a cold evening.


Our Christmas tree is sporting a suzani tree skirt this year. Normally I use burlap but couldn't find my stash in the basement so I quickly wrapped this around instead. I kind of like how it looks!


I picked these red berries up on a walk I took with Orla. Their Christmasy in a quiet kind of way.



And then this happened late last night! Does this happen to you when you're Christmas shopping for others? Uh oh!

Have a good weekend!

all in a week

Ok, so I'm 40. I'd like to be cool and pretend like it doesn't feel old or like half of my life is over but it kind of does. I'm really feeling it is a turning point or a marker that will measure what came before and what will come after. If my first 40 years were about learning and becoming comfortable with myself than I hope the next 40 years will be about putting the knowledge to good use! I know there are exciting things to come and I'm looking forward to the ups and downs, successes and disappointments and challenges ahead.  Whatever may come I kicked off this birthday in style and stretched it out for as long as I possibly could.

We started the week off with a quick trip to Copper Mountain in Colorado. They didn't have very much snow but enough that I managed to ski for two days. There is something about being in the mountains that makes me feel right at home.

Even Henry got in on the action except that he takes after his dad and is a snowboarder! I think we will have to make Orla a skier so that the family is balanced.

12, 313 feet high! You can't beat Colorado for the sunny blue skies and ideal skiing conditions. Wouldn't you love to have a cabin on the hill like this?

Back at home, I had to rush to get my advent calendar together. Can you believe that there are only 18 days to Christmas?

Finally I have the best sisters, husband, parents and friends in the world. From flowers to clutches to rings to a performance of The National Ballet of Canada's Giselle they really made my 40th birthday one to remember. Thank you. And to all of you who posted birthday wishes on my facebook wall, instagram feed and on twitter - I'm feeling the love! Here's to the next 40.