cast your vote - counter stools

The first project lined up for our house this year is some new counter stools.  You might remember that we currently have these two orange leather stools. 04_ERkitchen

We picked these up around four years ago and only bought two of them at the time. With baby Orla taking over the high chair we now need another stool at the table and unfortunately these stools are no longer available. Also they haven't weathered well - the leather is cracked and ripped and in some places has come off all together. My plan this time is to purchase four stools and hopefully not have to buy any ever again!

If you've read my blog for awhile you might remember a series I use to do called Cast Your VoteThe idea is that I get you to help me decide what stools to buy. Below is my short list of choices please cast your vote and tell me which stool you would choose!


#1) Tolix Marais Counter Stools - I've always loved this line of chair and stools. They manage to be both industrial and stylish helped in part by the rainbow of colours they now come in. Budget wise they are also quite reasonable. A leading contender I would say.

123-578-x#2 - Kingstown Counter Stool by Studio Dunn - These stools come in ash, cherry and walnut wood. (I'd choose the walnut to compliment our open shelf). They also come in a variety of heights from 25" - 30" moving up an inch per model allowing you to get the perfect height for your counter. I really like these but my husband is worried about them only having 3 legs - afraid they might be tippy....


marths stewart stool

#3 - Lyon Work Space steel stools -  A favorite of Martha Stewart these no nonsense stools have appeared in numerous of her homes and her daughter's. Their timeless design and functionality (they also come in a host of heights) means they would be useful for years to come.


#4 - Factory Stool - Style Garage - Similar in style to the one above these stools have the added advantage of having a back. I go back and forth on whether or not I want a back on the stool. On one hand I think it makes them more comfortable but at the same time it means they take up more room and can't be tucked out of the way. These stools are also very reasonably priced and can be painted in bright colours if you order four or more.


#5 - H-Base Stool - Modernica - I like these. They're right in the middle range for pricing and would give me that hit of orange again. We already have Eames shell chairs in the dining room (the Herman Miller style in black) but I'm hesitating....


Those are my choices. Thoughts? Which one would you vote for?