cast your vote: black fireplace

Remember this post where I talked about how dangerous it can be when inspiration strikes. One of the things I really coveted from this home was the black fireplace. It got me thinking about how lovely the fireplace in our living room could look if we painted it in a midnight shade. It would really help ground our living room plus it would pick up the black in the adjoining dining room and compliment the existing living room chandelier.

I've never really been very fond of the mottled pale blue and cream tiles that surround our fireplace insert. They're not exactly attractive! The one thing they have going for them is that they are original to the house. The gold insert on the other hand, I quite like. It works well with the gold mirror and some of the other elements I have in the room. However, I think if I was going to paint it I would have to do the whole thing.

So the Cast Your Vote question this week is an easy one: should I paint my fireplace black or not?

Check out some of these other ebony fireplaces to get an idea of what I am thinking.

Living Etc.

Door Sixteen

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Living Etc.

What do you think? I will admit I have two reservations about painting it black.

1.I would be painting over an original element of our home (an ugly one, mind you!)

2.I''m not sure how attractive painted over tiles will look. It might end up looking rather amateur and streaky. If this is the case, I would probably just go ahead and retile the fireplace surround, maybe with a black tile.

As you can see I'm really torn on this one! So, please cast your vote and tell me what you think? Should I paint it black or not?

Top image by Ditte Isager