bit of an update

Last weekend was truly memorable. Not only did I celebrate a birthday but I spent a few lovely days with my parents and family. We certainly got into the festive mood attending an outdoor Christmas market, drinking hot apple cider, decorating a gingerbread house (or jingle bell house as Henry called it) and listening to Christmas carols.

The highlight of the weekend was definitely our visit out to Horton Tree Farm to cut down our Christmas tree. We bucked tradition this year and went with a soft, feathery White Pine tree instead of our usual short needled Frasier Fir. It just looked like the perfect tree standing out there in the woods and I was willing to try something new.

The arrival of the Christmas Tree always means a bit of rearranging in our home and I convinced Myles that perhaps this was the perfect opportunity to try an even bigger change - flipping our living room and dining room. (Something, I've been wanting to try for awhile!) After much discussion he agreed and we spent the morning moving all of the furniture around. I LOVE the new setup. Not only does it increase circulation space in the two rooms but it makes our living room much more inviting and comfortable. I'll have some photo updates for you shortly.

(in the midst of the move!)

We spent the evening eating cheese fondue (in our new dining room) and celebrating my birthday. Henry chose a delicious chocolate cheesecake and some electric coloured cupcakes as my birthday treat. He was so excited and his enthusiasm was absolutely contagious. There was so much goodness all around.

And for those of you who are curious, I'm happy to say that my not so subtle birthday wish list post was a success. Myles and Henry picked up the Iacoli & McAllister No. 5 necklace for me along with a beautiful selection of air plants to which my sister-in-law added even more.

(this is only part of my new collection!)

I also somehow managed to find myself the owner of this stunning Stewart + Brown Freja Blanket Coat in Black Marl which I have been ogling for months now.

A friend of mine purchased it for herself but then found it was too big. When she asked me if I wanted to buy it off of her I couldn't say no. It was like the coat had heard me talking to it and decided to give itself to me as a birthday present. It will look perfect with the new Salvatore Ferragamo Hobo handbag my parents bought me.

Yes, I was a lucky, lucky girl. But the best part was spending all that time just doing things with my family, completely in the moment and enjoying the smallest gestures. Simply a lovely weekend.