belgian beauty

It takes something fairly unique to turn my head these days. In the age of pinterest, innumerable blogs and countless magazines it can begin to feel like you've seen it all before or at the very least a variation of it. That's why when I saw this house/gallery on the cover of Australian Vogue Living a few weeks ago I had to pick it up.

The Valerie Traan house/gallery is located in Antwerp, Belgium and is the work of Belgian architects LensAss. It is both a private residential home and a public gallery space showcasing the work of product designers and artists.

The first thing that made me look twice was those brick herringbone floors which are original to the house. It's a flooring treatment you just don't see very often. It's soft and textural and perfect foil to the streamlined, modern furniture.

Then there are those wall sconces. I'm thinking of adding one of those to our living room space. They provide a bit of sculpture and drama to a room.

The bedroom is probably the simplest room in the house. Here small nuances likes a built-in shelf behind the bed and multiple shades of grey make the space evocative.

The house opens up to an interior courtyard that is modestly landscaped and in keeping with the interior. (I can't tell you how much I would like to have an interior courtyard.)

Finally there is the matter of that raw wood candelabra by Jens Fager. This one was custom made for the house but you can buy a smaller similar one here. It's presently the number one item on my wish list for my birthday.

Image Credits:
Verne Photography via Design Bloom