before and after

I thought we would start off the week with a little before and after. This is a design project that my partner, Yasmin, and I took on late last year with our company Marion Melbourne. The owner is a lovely woman who was looking to update the second floor of her house. We redesigned her master bedroom, bathroom, and office. Today, I'm going to show you the master bedroom makeover.

Here is the before:

Not looking so great. Like many of us, she never really finished her bedroom after she moved in. It by no means reflected our client who has great personal style and an energetic and vibrant personality. This woman has the best collection of Virginia Johnson shawls, scarves and tunics that I have ever seen.

Virginia Johnson - (don't you love this stuff?)

Luckily, for us she was game for almost everything including a custom fuschia pink upholstered headboard, oversized pendant light and bold patterns. I think her new bedroom is a much better reflection of who she is. I hope she is enjoying it.

And the after: