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The act of moving and setting up a new home is a huge undertaking, if you add to that renovations and decorating than the job can seem overwhelming and almost impossible. Usually, there are some rooms that need immediate attention and others that will make do until you have the time to address them. One of those rooms that often gets left behind is the bedroom. I know, that was our case. We made some superficial changes to our bedroom when we first moved in but it was always the one room in the house that we felt didn't quite go with the rest. I'll admit that I'm easily swayed by current fashions and new trends and I think I fell into that trap when decorating our bedroom. It's the only room in our house that is filled with bright colour, damask prints, and poodle lamps!  So, we've decided that we will make some changes to the bedroom to bring it more in line with the style in the rest of the house. We're going to attempt to do this project as economically as possible, reusing what we already have when possible and making big changes through small things like paint colours and window treatments.

I think the best place to start on a project like this is with a mood board or overall palette of materials.

I knew from my homework that I wanted to achieve a soft, layered, modern look with lots of organic elements. There are a few ways I hope to achieve this. The first is with the bedding. The images of bedrooms I'm attracted to all have white or natural linen sheets, layered with more neutral blankets, and a comfortable, unmade look. (The unmade part is especially attractive!)

Luckily, we have oodles of white sheets and the natural, textured blanket that we brought back from Milan, Italy a few years ago. (You can see it in the background of the moodboard). The second change that will have a big effect is to change our window treatments. By adding long, flowing curtains in a natural fabric like linen we will immediately create a soft, layered look. These will be a bit of an investment but will have a huge impact on the room. The third most important change will be the paint colour.

The palette I'm considering at the moment contains soft, warm earthly colours all from the Benjamin Moore Affinity line. They are:

AF-690 - Metropolitan

AF-100 - Pashmina

AF-55 - Sonnet

AF-155 - Weimaraner

I think Sonnet and Weimaraner are the front runners.

In terms of furniture, we will probably need a new bed frame which I would like to make out of reclaimed wood. We also have an existing painted wood dresser that I would like to sand down to reveal all the layers of paint. Finally, I'll add in some natural and organic elements like baskets, branches, and plants to complete the look. Here's what the mood board looks like broken down.

In the coming weeks, I'll put the plan into action and show you the process. What do you think? Am I going to be able achieve my new look making these changes? Anything else I should consider? I value your thoughts!

Image credit:
Interior Design - Michaela Scherrer
Photo - Grey Crawford