Bathroom Renovation

Looks can be deceiving. I love our old Victorian house but it is not without its challenges. Our bathroom has been harbouring a dirty secret for years -- it has no ventilation. As a result, the humidity builds up and wreaks havoc on our walls causing the paint to blister and traces of mould can be found along the ceiling.

We're finally going to do something about it with the help of Broan who have passed along one of their newest fans, the Sensonic Speaker Fan, that as the name suggests contains speakers and hooks up to any Bluetooth wireless system. So not only will I have a less steamy bathroom but I'll also get to listen to music in the shower. 

Because my house is old installing the fan will take a bit more work than usual. (It has to be vented out of the roof rather than the side of the house.) In the meantime, I thought it would be a good opportunity to make a few changes in the bathroom. High on my list is switching out all the chrome faucets and shower accessories for brass ones. If possible, we might also try and find a vintage sink. My biggest dilemma is whether or not to change the colour of the walls. I love the dark blue-black colour but I'm also ready for a change. I think a dark green (either army or forest) could look really beautiful with the brass hardware or maybe some wallpaper. The there's the light fixture, shower curtain, window covering and medicine cabinet! Here's what I'm looking at for inspiration.