bathroom inspiration

One of the disadvantages of living in an old house is the lack of bathrooms. We have one (yup, just one) which is okay right now but if we add any more kids to the family it's going to start to get a little crowded in there. My dream is open up our third floor and create a master retreat up there complete with a luxurious, spacious bathroom. Anile Prakash bathroom via Design Sponge, Claire Stubb's bathroom via The Marion House Book,   i suwannee, Cisco and Alba Pinedo's bathroom via automatism

Lately, I've been really drawn to bathroom furniture that echoes pieces you would see in a bedroom or living room. Sinks and vanities that look like well crafted furniture pieces. They make a bathroom look refined and add the extra touch of luxury. I also dream of having a separate, stand alone tub and glass shower. At the moment, I'm torn between the more traditional style tubs which would suit our Victorian house and the contemporary ones with their sleek lines and simple shapes.

There are so many things to consider when designing a new bathroom. If you're overwhelmed when it comes to choosing your fixtures there are great sites like that have taken some of the guess work out of buying bathroom pieces. They have a range of exclusive, hand picked suites that are divided into categories like traditional or contemporary making it easy to decide which fixtures are right for your home.

If you're short on space there are some great small white bathroom suites that could really make your bathroom feel spacious and open. Many of the new wall hung fixtures take up less room then their stand alone counterparts. If you're looking for a minimalist, clutter-free bathroom than using some of these pieces could be the answer.

At the moment, my third floor retreat complete with en suite bathroom is just a dream but researching and planning is part of the fun. It's during this phase that you really get to explore all the possibilities so that when the day comes you really do build the bathroom of your wildest imagination.

Are any of you in the middle of designing or renovating a bathroom at the moment?