bartsch - children's wall murals

I've been thinking a lot lately that it might be time to give Henry a more grown up room. I don't know how much longer he will be able to sleep in his infant crib. Even with the toddler side panel up, it's beginning to get a bit ridiculous. What I need is a bit of a push - a design push - to get me motivated and I think I might have found it yesterday.

Bartsch, a small family run company out of Paris makes these lovely hand painted wall murals for children's rooms. Their inspiration comes from the long standing French tradition of decorative painting.

Particular attention is brought to the type of materials used, the quality of the paints, and the choice of colour palette. Each pattern is hand painted directly on the wall and as a result is entirely unique.

My personal favorite is this Vichy print in Ice Cream and Black Satin (see below). Couldn't you see this in a sophisticated boy or girl's room with European accents - white oak herringbone floors, wrought-iron bed, pale linens and lots of baskets? I think it is absolutely lovely.

You can see more of Bartsch's work here. Now, I just need to convince them to come to Toronto to work on Henry's room!