artist in res - emma lipscombe

Australian artist Emma Lipscombe is not afraid of colour! As we settle into another brisk, grey, wintery today here in Canada it's reassuring to know the somewhere out there it's summer. Take a look at Emma's work. I think you'll agree that there is something quintessentially Australian about the way she approaches colour. Close up of 'Best Floor Ever'Perth artist Emma Lipscombe, a landscape designer by trade, was drawn to paint and puzzles about two years ago. Each painting is composed of laser-cut timber shapes (triangles, diamonds, parallelograms) that she finger paints and then pieces together to create geometric patterns.

Emma Portrait 02Emma cites designers Faye Toogood, Ilse Crawford, and ceramic artist Lubna Chowdhary as inspiration along with Scandinavian carpet design and Bauhaus textile workshop patterns.

'Laplace & Co' hanging at home 03

Emma says, "My fascination with colour comes from so many places. I do a lot of research and digesting of imagery from all over the place and I love seeing the way that other people, artists, designers use it. I  plan the pattern in advance and have a general idea of the way I want the colour to work. But very often I will do many layers of paint until the colour composition sings to me!"

The ViewEmma's artwork is available for sale through her website.


A moment of intense colour in your home might just be the remedy you need to see you through this Canadian winter.

Photos courtesy of Emma Lipscombe.