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If you read my series of posts last year on buying art for your home than you know I'm a fan of people spending time and thought to put something original up on their walls. In today's market, with so many avenues available for buying real art from a real artist there really is no excuse for having a mass produced reproduction on your wall. Wouldn't you like to have something like this hanging above the sofa in your living room?

Ann Marie Cosgrove, Decadence

Or how about this?

Kevin Bishop, Does this Tie Make Me Look Fat?

Both of these works and many more are available through a new online art auction site called Art Bomb. Art Bomb is a new carefully curated daily auction site that sends a new artwork to your inbox each morning. If you like the work, you have until 11 pm that day to make a bid on it. Obviously, the highest bid wins and the next week the work is sent to you ready to hang. Art buying from the comfort of your own home!

Art Bomb carries a range of work from painting to prints to sculpture to video art to mixed media. To date the artworks have ranged in price from as low as $150 up to $3000. The majority are priced under $1000.

Holly Wheatcroft, Turn It On, 2011

I took some time this week to talk to Francisco Gomez, one of the artists who has had work for sale on the site. His mixed media piece, Arquitecture of Being 1, was inspired by biology, genetics and mathematics.

Francisco Gomez, Arquitecture of Being 1

As an artist he realizes that buying art from a gallery setting can be an intimidating experience. He appreciates that Art Bomb makes purchasing more accessible to people and that it exposes buyers (or even just onlookers) to a whole new world of artists.

I also spoke to Natasha who recently purchased this photograph By Brendan George Ko from Art Bomb.

Brendan George Ko, Aquarius

Natasha had never bought art online before but she felt comfortable taking a risk with this piece. The online representation of the artwork in her own words was bang-on -- absolutely no surprises, it looked exactly as she expected it to. She said the bidding process was easy. She entered her bid in the morning and the waited throughout the day to see whether or not it would be overtaken. It wasn't and the next morning she received an email telling her the good news. She also mentioned that she thinks it is a great resource for businesses looking to add some art to their walls.

I see beautiful art everyday in the galleries and the neighbourhood and I'm successful enough in my trade now, to give back to the neighbourhood that's fed me culture for the past 15 years.

Exactly! If you would like to sign up for Art Bomb's daily eblast you can do so at the bottom of their website page. Think of it as your daily dose of art for the day! You'll expand your knowledge of fine art and maybe every now and then be compelled to purchase a piece. Believe me your walls and your home will thank you!

(By the way, if you liked any of the first three artworks in this post they will all be up for sale in the coming month on Art Bomb.)