annie's take - valentine's day

Ah, romance. Say what you will about crass commercialism and Hallmark and the gaudy kitschiness associated with Valentine's Day - after many years of being ambivalent, I have come around to feeling that there is no better time than the dead of winter than to celebrate love.

Preferably indoors, with a large pot of tea and some sweet thing at hand to nibble on.

valentine's day-2

Surely I'm not the only one who - despite my recent lengthy and sublime winter holiday - finds all of this cold intolerable, who could easily let days and even weeks slip by without so much as poking my nose out into the frozen air?

Who could very happily subsist on dessert for the entire month of February, and most of March as well?

This, after all, is the dreaded and dreary time of year when we all start to weary of our hair shirt-y resolutions. January's promise of a fresh start has started to lose its glimmer; the weather lately feels punishment enough without the added insult of self-denial.

valentine's day-3

And love - well, love is the very opposite of the pinched, pallid, crumpled outlook that is endemic to mid-February.

Love is expansive, warm and indulgent, just the thing to ward off another six weeks of this chill.

So I wish you all a wonderful day today, whether you are fond of romance or not. I wish you sweet treats and a hot pot of tea and pretty, sparkly things as far as the eye can see. And love! Much, much love.

Happy Valentine's Day! -Annie

Photos by Kristin Sjaarda
Prop Styling by Annie McDonald-Johnston
Blue and White tea set, Vase, Beetle Knob: Anthropologie
Love Tea: The Mercantile
Valentine cookies: Mabel's