all in a week

Looking back over this week's photos I realized I got up to quite a bit of cooking. On my first maternity leave I was in a mum's group that was led by an amazing woman who would start off each group by asking us a simple question. One time she asked us what we had done that week for ourselves (cause as you know it's very easy to lose yourself in the mix when you have a new baby). I was a little nervous about answering because honestly I couldn't think of anything I had done and then I realized that I took great pleasure every day in making us dinner. For that one hour each day I was happy to hand the baby to someone else and just make some good food. So my question to you is, what have you done this week for yourself?

This is a teaser for a food post I'll have coming up next week. It involves lots of chocolate!

Prosciutto wrapped pork loin stuffed with kale and served over roasted apples. It was delicious. Probably a bit much for a weekday meal but would make a nice substitute for Turkey on Thanksgiving.

A nice collection of hats and bags over at Kristin Sjaarda's. No wonder she always looks so good!

Haven't quite figured out how to dress a girl warmly for fall yet. I think I need to go buy some tights or leggings to wear with her dresses.

I traded in my Converse for my sky high Hasbeens this week. First time in heels since Orla was born. I admit I did feel a little ridiculous pushing the stroller but I miss all my fun shoes!

I took a little visit back to the AGO to see some old friends and check out some exhibits I was working on before I went on maternity leave. If you live in Toronto you must see the Evan Penny exhibit.

While you're there check out The Grange Prize and vote for your favorite photographer. You can participate in this piece by Jason Evans.