all in a week

First week back to school! Does anyone else feel like this happened too fast? Wouldn't it be nicer if we could slowly work our way back to a full court press? Maybe an hour of school (or work) one day and then another hour the next until we we were back to our lightening speed lives. Summer is the only season that seems to have a definite end. The moment that school bell rings it is over and we turn our heads towards Fall.

While I wasn't back in school on Tuesday morning I was definitely back at work doing some prop styling for an upcoming feature.

Here are a few more props from that shoot.

A night shot of our outdoor garden dining area with small globe lights. My best attempt at having a little of Italy in our backyard!

I stopped by The Arthur on my travels this week. I always find something I love there.

Speaking of love, I received this beautiful package of photos from my friend and photographer Janet Bailey. She took these shots of Orla when she was just nine days old. She'll never be that small again.